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Over (400) Lots of Lionel Prewar & Postwar Trains - Vintage Christmas Items

Lionel Prewar Standard Gauge & Prewar O-Gauge – MTH Tinplate Traditions Trains

Vintage Prewar & Postwar Lionel Accessories - Vintage Tin Litho & Pressed Steel Toys

Assorted Lionel & MTH O Gauge Trains & Rolling Stock - Railroad Memorabilia

American Flyer S-Gauge & O-Gauge Trains & Accessories - Vintage Advertisements


Ron J. & Ron S. Gilligan & David C. Zentner will conduct a Public Train & Toy Auction for The Joe Croft Estate located at the Baileyville Grange Hall 210 Deibler Rd. Pennsylvania Furnace, PA. 16865.  From State College, take Rt. 45 West to Pine Grove Mills & continue 5.5 miles & turn right onto Deibler Rd. to auction on left.

            STANDARD GAUGE: Lionel No.2-400E gun metal gray steam loco w/ tender by MTH, Lionel The Washington Special Set #376W w/ #385E steam loco w/ #385 tender & 1767 Baggage car – 1766 Pullman - & 1768 Observation car, Lionel #10 green electric loco w/ 332 Baggage car – 339 Pullman - & 341 Observation car, Lionel 318E brown electric loco w/ 310 Baggage car – 309 Pullman car - & 312 Observation car, Lionel 384E steam loco w/ tender, Lionel #219 yellow crane, (3) Lionel No. 516 coal cars, Lionel #517 red caboose, Lionel by MTH 602645 Alttona 36 Lager refrigeration car, American Flyer 4693 tender, American Flyer 4010 tank car, American Flyer 4018 box car, American Flyer 4020 cattle car, American Flyer 4021 caboose, American Flyer 2-bay hopper..... Lionel G Gauge Seaboard System 5000 diesel loco, Red Man 4255R box car, East Broad Top 880 hopper, East Broad Top #27 caboose, Stewart’s Root Beer 46211 box car.....O-GAUGE: Lionel Red Comet set w/ 264E steam loco & tender - 603 Baggage – 603 Passenger - & 604 Observation car, Lionel 752W Union Pacific Streamliner passenger set w/ 753 & 754 passenger cars,, Marx 897 steam loco w/ Pennsylvania tender & (3) dump cars, Lionel 1110 steam loco w/ tender & 1719 box car – 1717 gondola - & 1722 caboose, Ives 258 engine w/ tender, American Flyer 9900 engine, American Flyer 1114 caboose, Lionel 3484 operating box car w/ box, Lionel 6044 Airex Spinning Tackle box car, Lionel 3376 The Bronx Zoo car in box, American Flyer 312 PRR steam loco set w/ tender & 651 New Haven Railway Express - & (2) 650 Pullman cars, Lionel #68 Executive Inspection Car, MTH 16603 The Hite Co. generator searchlight flat car, Lionel 2460 Bucyrus crane car, Lionel 41 US Army Transportation Corps switcher, Lionel 8264 Canadian Pacific switcher, American Flyer Borden’s Milk Car, Marx W.E.C.X. 4571 searchlight car, 1946 Flying Shoe steam loco set, American Flyer magnetic crane, American Flyer #30B transformer, Lionel Type V transformer, Lionel 6804 military transport flat car, Lionel 6806  Lionel 6809 military transport flat car, Unique Art Unique Lines 1956 tin litho circus train set, Lionel 1666 steam loco w/ 2671 tender, Lionel 9308 traveling aquarium box car, , Lionel 2333 New York Central ABA diesel unit, Lionel 265 Commodore Vanderbilt steam loco w/t tender & 618 & 619 streamliner cars, Lionel 264E Commodore Vanderbilt steam loco w/ tender & (2) 607 & (1) 608 Pullman passenger cars, Lionel 3424 Wabash operating car, MTH No. 441 Weigh Scale in box, K-line Dairymen’s League box car, Lionel 6800 flat car w/ 6800 airplane, American Flyer #553 circus train, American Flyer 969 rocket launcher flat car w/ rocket, American Flyer lighted Branford Diner, American Flyer Union Pacific O-gauge streamliner , American Flyer 43226 O-gauge steam loco w/ tender, American Flyer 322 steam loco w/ tender & (5) Pullman passenger cars, American Flyer 634 searchlight car, Lionel Santa Fe 43 AA powered and non-powered diesel , Lionel Lines Burro crane, Lionel Santa Fe 622 switcher , Ives Railway Line tin water tank, Lionel Lines Union Pacific Streamliner set 752 W, 753, 754 yellow and brown, American Flyer 43226 O-gauge steam loco w/ tender & 3380 Club Car – 3381 Pullman - & 3382 Observation car, American Flyer tin litho steam loco freight set, American Flyer O-gauge streamliner set, Lionel 726 steam loco w/ tender, Lionel 675 steam loco w/ tender, Lionel 790 railroad marker set in box, Littletown telegraph pole in box, Lionel 927 maintenenca kit, pre-war Standard Time sign, vintage tin litho American Flyer switch tower w/ bell, vintage tin litho airplane, Marx tin litho gas pump set, American Flyer tinplate coaling set.....ACCESSORIES: Lionel by MTH terrace, vintage Lionel 115 station, vintage Ives Union Station, Lionel 440N Position Light Signal Bridge, Lionel 440C panel board, vintage tin litho Lionel tunnel, Lionel #437 switch signal tower, Lionel silver water tower, American Flyer “Cross Crossings Cautiously” track signal, American Flyer switch tower w/ crossing gate, American Flyer water tower w/ semaphore, vintage “Stop On Signal” crossing..........Pride Lines Santa Claus & Mickey Mouse hand car, Lionel #78 track signal, assorted vintage trees, Lionel Type ZW transformer, Marx #5 tin litho Turnover tank, Plasticville Railroad Accessories kit in box, J.C. Schrey Pittsburgh, PA. No. 51 sectional toy fence in orig. box...

Famous Milprint Red Man adv. sign w/ Indians in Canoe Shooting Recurve Bow titled “The Mild Mellow Chew” in American chestnut frame, “Man - It’s Red Man” metal adv. sign, vintage “Ives Toys Make Happy Boys” enameled sign, Charles Doepke Model Toys aerial firetruck, vintage Mark tin litho Airmail Hanger No. 41 w/ airplane & dirigible, Japan American Airlines Electra II friction airplane, tin litho airplane carousel, vintage pressed steel airplane, “Panama” Pile Driver pat’d. 1905, Marx tin litho Knockout Target shooting gallery, early flywheel trolley car, early tin litho flywheel hill climber trolley car, vintage Wolverine tin litho Loop -A-Loop, vintage tin litho Daredevil Dick, Ranger Steel Fire Chief Police bicycle siren in orig. box, Genesee Beer sign, Red Man battery operated clock, Eight 8 Ball soda bottle Altoona, PA., Upper 10 Uniontown, PA. bottle.....VINTAGE CHRISTMAS: vintage Rushton 1’ tall Santa, vintage German feather tree w/ Germany marked base, vintage lighted snowman, vintage lighted Santa, Santa Claus on skis in orig. box, Santa Claus bubble light, Miller Hi Ho Santa Figure Light in orig. box, Royal Bubble window candle lights set, Mazda Mickey Mouse lights in orig. box, vintage battery operated Santa w/ drum, Noel Decorations Deluxe Animated Battery & Coin Operated Santa Bank in orig. box, vintage Santa Claus Moving Eyes single weight wall clock, steam locomotive motion light, antique sleigh w/ goose head runners, Pollys Super Safe multiple lighting set in orig. box, Noma No. 750 Strings of Color lights in orig. box, 1935 Durable Toy & Novelty Co. Popeye lap top pinball game, 1938 Louis Marx Hi Yo Silver The Lone Ranger target game, new old stock Camels embossed metal adv. thermometer, old paper mache horse on wheels, J.C. Higgins duck decoy, enameled Public Telephone sign, old PRR lock (no key), Zippo Slim PRR lighter, PRR lantern, New York Central Brakeman cap, Mammy’s Favorite Brand lidded coffee tin, vintage Gilbert fan, vintage metal Skoal Wintergreen & Cowboy & Texan 38 cap guns in vintage holster, Chesterfield Cigarettes thermometer, vintage Red Man advertising w/ Ralph Kiner - Enos Slaughter - & Johnny Mize, 1952 - 1953 – 1954 - & 1955 Red Man Tobacco baseball cards (to be sold separately), Superior vintage tin litho Space Target shooting game, American Flyer whistle w/ Erector adv. billboard, vintage Chew Hot Ball Union Made Tobacco sign, vintage Santa & Snowman bubble light figures, The Colber Corp. Spot Light set in orig. box, Red Man Extra No. 14 American Indian Chiefs trading card, Zenith mod. Y723 bakelite table-top radio, vintage Japan battery operated tin litho Broadway Trolley, vintage Ideal Toy Corp. tin litho wind-up jet car, 1939 metal Altoona Bicycle plate, Marx & Co. World War I Doughboy tank. , “Over & Under” No. 28 by Wolverine Supply & Mfg. Co. Pittsburgh, Pa. Track with car in original box., Marx tin Cannon, 1950 mechanical wind-up reading Santa with book by Alps, Japan in original box; has a damage hand. , Illuminated Santa Claus - Old antique Santa with lighted bag of toy. Uses Usalite #250., Ceramic Rudolph with nose that lights up. , Large Vintage “Pay-as-You-Enter” Trolley, Toy blue die cast metal Masters bus – chain drive, Three Santa Coca-Cola advertisements, Gillette Santa advertisement, William F. Gable Co. Christmas story/ coloring book., “My Altoona Home” William F. Gable Co. Santa sign on cardboard, Vintage celluloid Chetney Germany elephant and donkey; S. A. Reider; rare, 2- Cragstan ambulances, Book: “A History of Lakemont Park 1894-1989”, Book: “Around Blair County” by Jeffrey L. Adams , 1950’s Mattel tin Peter Cottontail wind-up with pink ears.  , Wind-up tin Santa with ringing bell; Japan, 1950 Atom Rocket 7 made in Japan, Tin circus top, “Easter on Parade” wind-up toy made in occupied Japan in box., “Santa Claus on Sled” wind-up toy made in occupied Japan in box, Steven Kaleidoscope by Steven Mfg. Co, St. Louis, Mo., “Chicken Feed” Bubble Bank, by Vic Moran, Bradford, Pa., Grand Canyon silver spoon, Tin “Crop Duster Spraying Plane” set by Marx, Friction powered U.S. Army Jeep made in Japan, in box., Tin Mother Duck and duckling push toy with wooden wheels, Battery operated Cragstan Satellite , 2 Tin Skyscrapers, Box of American brand Artificial Snow, 2-plastic pull toys -elephant and lion, Plastic push toy - horse, Plastic push toy – donkey, Clarabell Clown blow-up bath toy, by Vanguard, Tin Betsy, the talking cow made in Japan in box, Vintage wooden advertisement , Plastic bunnies- 2 “rattle” toys, 1 candy dish, Hubley cap gun, No. 1000 “Mac” machine gun toy in box, McDowell Mfg. Pittsburgh, PA, Antique Christmas ornaments, Box of Christmas tree ornament hangers, 10 vintage bottle-brush Christmas trees, 5 vintage wreaths, 2 vintage wreaths with beads, Wyandotte Railway tin wind-up engine, Hafner tin Streamliner car, hopper car, and tender, Dorfan tin passenger cars and caboose, Tin crane car, Tin Pennsylvania Line caboose, Lionel Diecast HO Pennsylvania boxcar, Ranger miniature friction tin train set, Tin gas pumps and watering can, J. H. Millstein Co. Candy Gas Pump, Sears plastic service station set deluxe 1947 and gasoline pump with lights, Tin Service Station, Benjamin Franklin Thrift Tin Bank, Cast iron mailbox bank, The Knights Life Insurance Company plastic bank, Chicago Thrift Company, 3 Pez dispensers , Noma bubble light candelabra , Plastic camera man, missing front wheels, 5 Dorfan tin freight cars, 2- bubble lights Christmas trees (1 is 1948), Star headlight, Unique art unique lines steam passenger set, Cast Donald Duck and Pluto antique convertible, Hubley cast log truck, 3 Avon roly-poly Santas, Vintage Christmas snow in box, Vintage Spun glass angel hair in box, Harry t. Campbell Sons Co. Marbleit miniature road builder, Vintage Christmas lights, Noma Decorative Lighting Outfit Mazda Lamps, Noma Bells with Mazda Lamps, Santa on Reindeer, Royalite electric Jolly Christmas snowman in box, Antique cast truck, Antique motorcycle with man, Hubley Cast wreaker and fire truck, Tin battery operated locomotive, Hubley red cast wreaker, American Flyer New Haven Streamliner set, 9 Tootsie toy airplanes, 10 assorted toy airplanes, Lionel Navy set- 224 Powered and Non-Powered, 3410, 6017, 3830, Lionel 3665 Air Force Minuteman , Gilbert 8 ½ Erector set, American Flyer Silver Bullet engine and tinder, American Flyer Cities Service tank car, American Flyer B&M, Lionel freight cars: 6601, 6430, 335955, 6414, 6800, 536417, 6315, 2555, Marx Union Pacific Switcher, Lionel 5545 , Lionel pipe car, Various freight cars, Hafner windup freight set, Lionel 6424, 3 Marx operating cars & 8500 engine, Bakelite radio, 2 Tin Red Man signs, A&P light-up traffic lights, American Flyer O gauge streamliner set, Lionel Gunmetal 260E and 2263 W tinder, Lionel 2817 caboose, 2814 boxcar, 2814R boxcar, 2816 hopper, 2820 light car, 2815 tanker, & 2812 gondola, American Flyer freight set 336 engine and tinder with 4 boxcars, 1 gondola, covered hopper, and caboose, American Flyer Northwestern freight set: 355 diesel, rocket launcher, 2 cabooses, boxcar, American Flyer rocket sled car 2515, Box Christmas fence and gate in original box, Lionel Minutemen set with 59 switcher, 6470 exploding boxcar, 3666 missile car, 3409 helicopter car, 6814 rescue caboose, Lionel HO Minutemen car, exploding boxcar, and dump car, rocket fuel car, 2 sets of poker chips, 1 set of dominoes, Lionel No. 309 electric yard set, Lionel NO. 20  “O” gauge crossing, American Flyer whistle control, Postal telegraph junior set, 2 Marx traffic light, Lionel #95 rheostat, A.C. Gilbert mini- erector set, Katz Empire Express set, American Flyer 1095 box electric with cars, Copenhagen store dispensers, Benzel’s Better Bretzels Altoona, PA. tin, American Flyer Pre-War Bluebird Set, Lionel 6352 Pacific Fruit Express, Lionel 6801 Liquified gas tank car, Lionel 806, 804, 806 & 831 freight cars, American Flyer Pre-War Set with 425 engine and tender, 476 gondola, 478 boxcar, 480 tank car, 486 hopper, 482 log car, 488 search light car and 484 caboose., American Flyer Pre-War 478, 482, & 486, Lionel Lines 814 orange/cream, Lionel 3650 spotlight car, Lionel 681 loco with Pennsylvania 2046 tender, EMCO handcar in box, Matchbox racing transporter, 2 Pennsylvania 477618 caboose, Marx M10000 Green Streamliner set, Marx M10000 Red Streamliner set, Lionel 2025 engine with 2466WX tender, Lionel 3454 merchandise car, Lionel 3559 dump car, Lionel 2257 caboose, 2 Lionel 2465 tank car, Lionel 6454 Erie Boxcar, Lionel 6561 Depressed Cable Reel car, Lionel 3454 hopper, Lionel 3451 log car, Unique Arts 1952 train set in set box, Lionel Pre-War  Set 296 with 248 red  Box electric, 804, 806, 803, 807 & 831, Unique Art 1951 Train set in set box with track and transformer, American Flyer 360A and 364B Santa Fe Engine, American Flyer Eureka Diner, American Flyer Passenger Shelter, American Flyer News Stand, American Flyer 644 Crane car with 607 work caboose, 6 yard lights, Lionel Gateman, C.P. Link Hickory Brake Club.....No Internet, absentee, or phone bids will be accepted - no buyers' premiums.  Terms: Cash or Check only by conclusion of auction.  Food & Restrooms Available day of auction. Auctioneers: Ron J. & Ron S. Gilligan & David C. Zentner, #AU339-L & #AU3430-L & #AU5442-L.                      


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