Wednesday, September 11, 2019 – 9:30 AM  www.rgilliganauctions.com

Ron J. & Ron S. Gilligan & David C. Zentner will conduct a Public Estate Auction for the Gene Walters Estate located at 3878 Spruce Creek Rd., Spruce Creek, PA 16683 (across from Indian Caverns).  The entire basement of the house has been packed up for years with Ford Model A tools, old car parts & tools, vintage lunchboxes, many misc. hand tools, electric tools, collectibles, and misc. items.  We are not going to set much up ahead of time.  Come to the auction and walk through and pick out what you want to buy… Terms: Cash or Check only by conclusion of auction.  Food & Restrooms Available day of auction - tents if needed.  Auctioneers: Ron J. & Ron S. Gilligan & David C. Zentner, #AU339-L & #AU3430-L & #AU5442-L. ALL ORAL INFO DAY OF AUCTION TAKES PRECEDENCE OVER ANY & ALL WRITTEN ADS.  OWNER & AUCTIONEERS NOT RESPONSIBLE IN CASE OF ACCIDENTS.



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