Wednesday, August 11, 2021 - 10 AM (Centre Co., PA.)


Beautiful Antique Furniture - Local Advertising and Collectibles - Civil War Items

Fishing Related Items - Penn State Items - Antiques - Local Postcards - Early Books

Arrowheads & Indian Artifacts – (2) Vintage Slot Machines - Antique Smoker’s Cabinet

Antique L. Braham & Co. Bloomsbury WC Barometer - Beautiful Framed Prints - Clocks

            Ron J., Ron S. Gilligan, & David C. Zentner will conduct a Public auction for the estate collection of Mr. Ed Friedman to be held in downtown State College at The State Theatre located at 130 W. College Ave., State College, PA 16801. All proceeds will be donated to The State Theater on behalf of Mr. Friedman’s family. These items came out of Mr. Friedman’s downtown State College office located in Calder Alley.


Lot #1: Allen Thurber & Co. Allen’s Patent 1845 5-shot revolving barrel percussion handgun w/ engraving in old maroon velvet box


Lot #2: J. Riswig Chicago cute-size oak curved glass counter-top display case (nice) (18 ½”W x 12 ¼”D x 9 ½”T)

Lot #3: Bell Systems candlestick telephone


Lot #4: 4-pc. bamboo fly rod (maker unknown)

Lot #5: Antique winding fly reel

Lot #6: Complete Civil War U.S. 58-cal. cartridge in paper

Lot #7: 54-cal. Ring Gardner Confederate Civil War bullet from the Battle of Gettysburg

Lot #8: American Flask and Cap Co. unusual shaped brass powder flask


Lot #9: Wilcox, Crittenden & Co. small size early brass ship’s compass in iron frame w/ original wood mortised box


Lot #10: Pair of War Office Service Model brass binoculars


Lot #11: Montague Genuine Tonkin 4-pc. bamboo fly rod in wooden case with flies & accessories


Lot #12: Horrock’s Ibbotson Co. National Sportsman Bakelite fly reel


Lot #13: Display case w/ (21) arrowheads & points


Lot #14: Underwriter’s Laboratories General Firetruck Corp. Red Star Model 303 copper & brass fire extinguisher


Lot #15: Ethan Allen 1800’s black powder cap & ball pistol


Lot #16: Made in France Bte S.G.D.G. Zig Zag old wine opener


Lot #17: Borwick Civil War-era brass & iron spring lancet (bleeder)


Lot #18: Mills Novelty Co. pat’d. 1910 5¢ slot machine (works)


Lot #19: cast-iron base for slot machine or any other use


Lot #20: Elkhart Brass Manufacturing Co. 12” brass fire nozzle


Lot #21: 1800’s wooden cash & coin box


Lot #22: State College Motor Company 606 W. College Ave. framed advertisement


Lot #23: Beautiful oak antique hall seat w/ quarter-sawn oak, original coat hangers, beveled mirror, & carved Dragon arms (Beautiful Condition)


Lot #24: Thomas Edison Model H 4-Minute table-top cylinder player in original quarter-sawn oak case & brass horn


Lot #25: (7) Edison cylinders in original containers


Lot #26: Chas. C. Hutchinson Boston Antique Velocimeter (Used for Measuring Moving Air Speed)


Lot #27: 1861 Civil War era Bible


Lot #28: Vintage pat’d. 1911 Jumbo Pencil Sharpener


Lot #29: Currier & Ives The Battle of Chancellorsville, VA. May 3, 1863, print in vintage frame


Lot #30: Antique solid brass bar-top 3-bottle liquor dispenser w/ Bullseye Optic lenses (Dispensers are labeled Optic Pearl, The Optic, & Opal De-Luxe)


Lot #31: Northern Electric antique hand-crank oak wall telephone


Lot #32: Engraving of George W. Atherton signed “Faithfully Yours, George W. Atherton” in frame


Lot #33: Antique oak shoeshine box with brass handle/footrest and original brass pull


Lot #34: Currier & Ives “Moonlight-The Castle” print in period frame


Lot #35: Antique floor model oak printer’s cabinet w/ (78) drawers (beautiful condition) (42”W x 5’11”T x 17” D)


Lot #36: Civil War era sharpshooter’s glasses w/ original leather case


Lot #37: Antique very fancy slag glass & brass desk lamp with original cloth cord signed on base Salem Bros. #10


Lot #38: Vintage Churchill Jack 105 Black Jack 10¢ slot machine


Lot #39: Vintage Capewell & Son 1105 brass powder/drams measure


Lot #40: Vintage Defender 5-shot revolver w/ wooden grips


Lot #41: Vintage American Can Co. adding machine


Lot #42: Fishing creel w/ leather fishing scene shoulder strap & leather Trout closing strap


Lot #43: Old Pal Lititz, PA. galvanized minnow holder


Lot #44: Horrock’s Ibbotson Perfect Leader tapered leader in orig. box; Crandall’s Ash Away pure silk fly line in original box; aluminum leader box


Lot #45: Vintage C.S. Hammond & Co. New York Terrestrial 12” globe on cast-iron base & stand w/ calendars and Zodiac signs


Lot #46: “Cars For Hire, Day and Night Service” 422 E. College Ave. by H.K. Resides framed advertisement


Lot #47: Old brass wall-mount receipt clip w/ embossed woman & bonnet marked #5241 on rear


Lot #48: Antique oak smoker’s cabinet w/ beveled glass doors, (4) drawers, compartments for (6) pipes, & cubby for tobacco jar (to be sold w/ (4) pipes and Velvet tobacco tin)


Lot #49: Library Bureau Solemakers 4-drawer antique oak file cabinet with Pennsylvania State College brass tag #0-52053


Lot #50: Library Bureau Solemakers 4-drawer antique oak file cabinet with Pennsylvania State College brass tag #0-52054


Lot #51: Library Bureau Solemakers 4-drawer antique oak file cabinet with Pennsylvania State College brass tag #0-52055


Lot #52: Antique brass & wood postal scale with ½ oz., 1 oz., and 2 oz. brass weights


Lot #53: Antique oak medicine cupboard w/ beveled mirror, pressed back decoration, and stick & ball on door


Lot #54: Original Central Pennsylvania Illustrated Commemorative Record Biographies and Portraits Book of Centre, Clinton, Union, and Snyder Cos. (1898)


Lot #55: Antique oak “Telegram” cabinet with drawer


Lot #56: Antique unusual Signal Horn by E.A. Gill Gloucester, MA. w/ leather bellows


Lot #57: The Cincinnati Time Recorder Co. electric antique oak wall time clock


Lot #58: Antique cast-iron invoice holder


Lot #59: Collection of (12) Excavated Civil War bullets in display case incl. Colt Dragoon 44 cal., (2) round ball 44 cal., Smith carbine 52 cal., Sharp’s carbine 52 cal., Burnside carbine 52 cal., C.S. Enfield 57 cal., C.S. Gardner 58 cal., Williams Cleaner 58 cal., Springfield Musket 58 cal., round ball 69 cal., and rifled musket 69 cal.


Lot #60: The Oliver Typewriter Co. Oliver No. 5 Standard Visible typewriter


Lot #61: Original hand-written deed for John Roll 549 Acres Bedford Co. surveyed 1784


Lot #62: Antique fancy Wurlitzer Model 1015 Multi-Selector floor model jukebox, plays 78 rpm records serial #1031581


Lot #63: Antique Hotchkiss No. 2 stapler pat’d. 1896 w/ fancy iron base & wooden handle


Lot #64: Period 1917 University Freshmen Etiquette poster in frame (27 ½” x 40 3 ¾”)


Lot #65: Old Underwriter’s Laboratories Fyr-Fyter Super brass fire extinguisher


Lot #66: Antique GE 3-speed fan w/ (4) brass blades & brass cage


Lot #67: Van Horn pat’d. 1876 spring loaded receipt clip


Lot #68: Imperial pat’d. 1884 adjustable brass student lamp w/ green Emeralite shade


Lot #69: Postcard of Allen St. looking South from Entrance to Campus State College, PA.


Lot #70: Collection of (13) Indian arrowheads in display case


Lot #71: Antique Browne Morse Quality Cabinets Michigan 6-section quarter-sawn oak index card cabinet w/ (67) drawers (Beautiful Condition) (76 ¾”H x 42”W x 17”D)


Lot #72: Philco 40-140 wooden table-top tube radio


Lot #73: Vintage Gilbert mantle clock w/ key


Lot #74: Beautiful oak bookcase w/ old glass sliding doors, pressed back decoration, (2) bottom dovetailed drawers, and fancy top gallery and molding (Beautiful Condition) (4’W x 64 ½”T x 15”D)


Lot #75: Antique cast-iron manual check stamper


Lot #76: Antique brass R. Kopp New York Watchman’s Improved Time Detector stamped Fire Insurance Record


Lot #77: Postcard of Old Main State College, PA.


Lot #78: Antique oak pressed back platform rocker


Lot #79: brass & enameled spittoon from The Rochester Stamping Co. #2263


Lot #80: “The Pike Co. Ballads” book by John Hay Published October 1912


Lot #81: Miniature pair of cast-iron men’s dress shoes w/ rubber soles and cloth shoelaces


Lot #82: Doctor’s Office model skeleton stands 5’ 3” tall


Lot #83: Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. April 15, 1893 advertisement in period quarter-sawn oak & brass beaded frame


Lot #84: Early The Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Co. New York fire alarm with oak case and large brass bell (nice)


Lot #85: Antique oak 3-section map cabinet with (15) drawers, paneled ends, and original door pulls (Beautiful Condition) (46 ¾”W x 48”T x 35”D)


Lot #86: Charles A. Branston Co. Branston Generator High Frequency Violet Ray doctor’s quackery device in original oak case with manual


Lot #87: (5) modern postcards of older State College scenes


Lot #88: Rawleigh’s Antiseptic and Healing Salve for Man and Beast Highly Medicated advertising tin with salve


Lot #89: Antique C.L. Berger & Sons Boston, MA. 32815 cast-iron and brass transit on antique wooden tripod


Lot #90: (4) William Trickett Law Books: Hale on Damages; Law of Partition in PA.; The Law of Limitations of Actions in PA.; Law of Assignments in PA. (1888)


Lot #91: Antique cast-iron and oak book stand on castors with Dictionary


Lot #92: Collection of Advertising Items: Hotel State College matchbook; St. Joseph’s Aspirin tin; (2) Norwich Aspirin boxes; Lifebuoy Health Soap in original box; Gardenia Colgate bottle


Lot #93: Native American stone axe (Found in Granville Twp. near airport)


Lot #94: Brass bull ring


Lot #95: Unusual and very nice oak 6’ display case with (30) graduated drawers for storage and display use on cast-iron gold painted feet (6’W x 4’T x 24”D)


Lot #96: Vintage check stamper with green paint and gold trim decoration


Lot #97: Early office receipt holder with original maroon and gold paint decoration


Lot #98: Modern postcard of The Corner Room and (5) modern postcards of early State College


Lot #99: Antique oak mortised desktop invoice holder w/ brass nameplate stamped Walter F. Brickley (15 5/8”T x 5”W)


Lot #100: The Blackbird Crystal Radio receiving set New York, NY.


Lot #101: Antique quarter-sawn oak cute-size 2-piece document cabinet on feet (20”W x 33 ¼”T x 16”D)


Lot #102: Vintage glue trough with original brush


Lot #103: Die-Cast Good Humor ice cream bank truck


Lot #104: Antique stoneware spittoon with brown glaze decoration and incised with #3 (rim chip)


Lot #105: Antique mortised oak file index box with fancy brass clasp


Lot #106: Vintage postcard of The Nittany Lion Inn postmarked 1949


Lot #107: Universal country store ink stamp stand


Lot #108: Seth Thomas antique oak key-wind wall clock with brass pendulum and brass key


Lot #109: Beautiful antique quarter-sawn oak partner’s desk with paneled ends and (18) drawers (5’W x 30”T x 4’D)


Lot #110: Antique quarter-sawn oak office chair with leather seat


Lot #111: Henry Troemner cast-iron and brass balance scale with original paint


Lot #112: Country matchholder with wooden barrel matchholders, metal Stag buck, and match striker


Lot #113: Colored lithograph map of Pennsylvania published by A. Finlay Phila. 1832 in old frame


Lot #114: E.H. Stafford & Bro. Chicago antique oak S-roll top desk with (24) interior drawers, (6) exterior drawers, and swing-out hidden compartment with (5) drawers and ledger holders (Beautiful Desk In Excellent Condition) (5’W x 51 ½”T x 33”D)


Lot #115: Antique oak pressed back Arrowback office chair with brass floral bead decoration


Lot #116: L. Braham & Co. 142 S. Hampton Row Bloomsbury WC barometer in very fancy English oak carved case (Great Antique Barometer) (15 ½”W x 4’T)


Lot #117: Vintage postcard of The Ladies’ Cottage State College, PA.


Lot #118: Vintage color print of The Campus of the Pennsylvania State College by Gatchel and Manning in period frame


Lot #119: Unsigned lithograph of Allen St. leading into Old Main


Lot #120: Antique quarter-sawn oak library table with heavily carved column legs, dovetailed drawer, and fancy brass pulls


Lot #121: Vintage Old Main State College, PA. postcard


Lot #122: Hotel State College, PA. square Commemorative plate from 1965


Lot #123: Brass token from The Campus Shopping Center State College, PA.


Lot #124: Dr. Young’s Improved Rectal Dilators in original box


Lot #125: Antique galvanized cylinder surveyor’s map carrier with brass handle


Lot #126: Vintage German Foth Derby Anastigmat camera


Lot #127: Vintage postcard of The State College Hotel State College, PA. postmarked 1924


Lot #128: (4) dug Civil War bullets in vintage Edgeworth’s Plug Sliced Tobacco tin


Lot #129: Vintage postcard of Nittany Theatre and Inn State College, PA. postmarked 1924


Lot #130: Postcard of Nittany Lion; postcard of Hotel State College; and card of The State Theater


Lot #131: Business card for Paladin “Have Gun Will Travel San Francisco”


Lot #132: The Protectograph check writer manufactured by Todd Protectograph Co. Rochester, NY.


Lot #133: California Fig Syrup Co. Sterling Products Co. “Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna” in original embossed bottle


Lot #134: Kutnow’s Powder Saline Effervescent powder in original embossed bottle


Lot #135: Frankford Arsenal 1864 5-Second Fuzes in original box and packaging (never opened)


Lot #136: Assortment of Items including: soapstone rocks, letter holder, paperclip invoice holder, barbed wire, desktop U.S. Flag, and etched glass


Lot #137: (2) Books: Roper On Legacies A Treatise on the Law of Legacies (1829) Vols. I and II


Lot #138: “The Anderson Directory and Reference Guide of Bellefonte, State College, Howard, and Milesburg Including Rural Delivery Routes 1911-12” by H.R. Anderson Mansfield, PA.


Lot #139: (6) Books incl.: Purdon’s Annual Digest 1873-78; Shepherd’s Early Pennsylvania Citations; Story on Bailments (1838); Orphans Court Forms; Taxation in PA. and Liens (1901); and Rules of the Courts of Common Pleas of the 25th Judicial District


Lot #140: Pair of wire-rimmed spectacles with original leather case from Shamokin, PA.


Lot #141: Edison electronic voice writer


Lot #142: Hillerich and Bradsby Louisville, KY. Lo-Skore hickory shafted putter


Lot #143: Taylor Made Burner metal 5-wood and Ping Eye 2 9-iron golf clubs


Lot #144: Antique drafting table on cast-iron base by The Frederick Post Co.


Lot #145: Antique brass dipping compass (Instrument used to figure compass errors due to deviation caused by the Earth’s magnetism)


Lot #146: Small Civil War cannonball


Lot #147: Antique tin surveyor’s map holder with old original plans of State College from 1908 and 1913


Lot #148: Carter’s Indelible Ink and XLNT Brand typewriter ribbon advertising tins


Lot #149: Advertising Tins and Bottle: Crane’s Quinine & Tar Compound (full); BiSoDoL Mints tin; Cascarets tin; E.W. Grove Laxative box; Anacin Tablet box; Man-Zan sample tin for Rectal Discomforts


Lot #150: Advertising Tins, Bottles, and Boxes: Pepsin with Aromatics; Carter’s Little Liver Pills bottle with pills; Poloris box; DeWitt’s Pills box; Zam-Buk tin; Carter’s Little Liver pills tin w/ pills; Salicon bottle


Lot #151: Civil War-era brass Phila., PA. spring lancet (bleeder) in original leather box


Lot #152: Antique cork bottle openers (1 with bone handle and 1 with sterling silver case)


Lot #153: Pair of 19th Century ear trumpets for the hard of hearing (1 is sterling and 1 is bakelite)


Lot #154: Harris & Son London Day or Night antique brass telescope


Lot #155: 1850’s lead bullet mold; 58-cal. lead bullet found on Gettysburg Battlefield; (2) hand molded lead shots


Lot #156: 1800’s brass percussion caps tin with caps


Lot #157: (2) boxes of vintage German lead painted Roman soldiers and box with German painted lead train, townspeople, and trees, and carriages


Lot #158: Antique oak 2-section barrister bookcase on base


Lot #159: Currier & Ives “California Scenery, Seal Rocks-Point Lobos” print in frame


Lot #160: Currier & Ives Copyright 1879 “Caught On The Fly” print in frame


Lot #161: Antique oak document cabinet with (2) glass doors and nice original hardware (33 ½”W x 45 ½”T x 11 ¼”D)


Lot #162: (4) oak mortised office document boxes


Lot #163: framed comical law cartoon print


Lot #164: “Building Age” July 1914 booklet with great advertisements; Book on The Limited Partnership Laws of PA. (1883)


Lot #165: “San Francisco Looking South From North Point 1877” lithograph print in nice frame by G.T. Brown & Co. Lithographers drawn by C.B. Gifford (41”W x 27 ¾”H)


Lot #166: 1899 Central Pennsylvania Telephone and Supply Co. framed contract to install telephone service in Bellefonte, PA.


Lot #167: (4) movie notices and Cathaum Theater opening program for Thursday Evening April 8, 1926


Lot #168: Antique Bissell’s Princess oak floor sweeper


Lot #169: Velvet Oriental fan


Lot #170: Large photo of The First National Bank and Farmer’s Trust Co.


Lot #171: Antique fancy oak executive table heavily carved with (6) matching chairs

No Internet, absentee, or phone bids will be accepted - no buyers' premiums.  Terms: Cash or Check only by conclusion of auction.  Food & Job Johnny Available day of auction - tents if needed.   Auctioneers: Ron J. & Ron S. Gilligan & David C. Zentner, #AU339-L & #AU3430-L & #AU5442-L.







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