Sunday, June 30, 2019 – 9:30 a.m. Centre Co., PA. www.rgilliganauctions.com

(48) Guns - Winchester mod. 42 Deluxe Grade Engraved w/ Gold Inlay – Burgess 12 ga. Shotgun

Rare Triplet & Boone Carbine Rifle – SS Model 1933 Carl Eickhorn Dagger – US Military Collectibles

German WWII Luftwaffe & Army Collectibles – Briddell Bolo Knife – Griswold – Lionel & Flyer Trains

PA. Fishing Badges - Vintage Cast-Iron & Tin Litho Toy Collection – Gun Related Books

 (68) Pcs. Processional Sterling Silverware – Gun Related Items

Vintage & Modern US & Foreign Stamp Albums - Rare A.H. Fox Gun Co. Toy Shotgun

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Ron J. & Ron S. Gilligan & David C. Zentner will conduct a Public Estate Auction located at the Baileyville Grange Hall 210 Deibler Rd. Pennsylvania Furnace, PA. 16865.  From State College, take Rt. 45 West to Pine Grove Mills & continue 5.5 miles & turn right onto Deibler Rd. to auction on left.  For sale will be the following...

            Winchester mod. 42 Deluxe Grade 410 ga. pump shotgun engraved w/ 42 – 5 pattern plus gold inlay by Nick Kusmit - donut post ventilated rib - special order straight grip - special order modified choke - & special order 26" barrel #119035, unusual & rare Triplet & Boone 50 cal.? carbine rifle w/ 30" barrel (1864-1865) w/ breech stamped Kentucky on left side - NWB inspector stamped - 7-shot magazine with tube in butt & original bullet in bag, Burgess Gun Co. 12 ga. sliding pistol grip action shotgun, US Springfield model 1842 69 cal. percussion military musket dated 1849 on barrel & 1848 on lock, Winchester pre-64 mod. 70 Featherweight 243 Win. #360183, Winchester mod. 61 22 S-L-L.R. pump rifle #22364, tiger maple percussion long rifle w/ engraved receiver stamped Atkinson - octagon barrel - brass patch box - & ram rod, Winchester mod. 250 22 cal. tube feed lever act. rifle, Winchester mod. 50 20 ga. 2 3/4" full choke semi-auto shotgun, Winchester mod. 37 12 ga. shotgun w/ original factory tag, Winchester pre-64 mod. 70 Featherweight 243 bolt act. w/ Bausch & Lomb 3 x 9 scope #353249, Winchester mod. 1894 32 W.S. lever act. long rifle w/ octagon barrel & tang peep sight #363234, Winchester mod. 94 32 W.S. lever act. #1074433, Remington Gamemaster mod. 760 270 Win. pump rifle, Remington mod. 48 Sportsman 12 ga. full choke pump shotgun w/ ventilated rib & 30" barrel #3140379, Remington mod. 788 243 Win. bolt act. rifle w/ 3 x 9 scope, Remington 22 pump rifle, Remington mod. 722 222 Rem. bolt act. rifle, Remington mod. 521T 22 cal. bolt act. w/ scope, Roth Steyr mod. 1909 8mm? self-loading pistol adopted by Austro-Hungarian Army, Marlin mod. 25 MN 22 WMR bolt action rifle, Mossberg Maverick mod. 88 12 ga. synthetic pump shotgun, Colt Python 357 Magnum revolver #13113, Harrington & Richardson mod. 930 “Side Kick” 22 cal. revolver, Remington mod. 7600 25-06 cal. pump rifle (NIB), Remington mod. 1100 LT-20 Special 20 ga. w/ choke tubes (NIB), Ithaca 12 ga. hammerless double barrel shotgun, Ithaca mod. 37 16 ga. pump shotgun, F.N. (made in Belgium) mod. B-ABL-1952 30-06 cal. bolt act. military rifle w/ Sporterized stock, H.J. Sterling Belgium 12 ga. double barrel double hammer shotgun, Remington mod. 17 20 ga. pump shotgun, Mauser-Werke mod. 3000 308 Win. bolt act. rifle w/ Redfield 3 x 9 scope, Browning 243 cal. bolt act. rifle made in Belgium w/ Leupold Vari-X II 3 x 9 scope, Savage mod. 99B 300 Savage w/ checkering, Henry Arms 12 ga. double barrel double hammer shotgun, Hopkins & Allen #932 single shot rifle, Savage mod. 5 22 bolt act. rifle, Ruger M77 Made in the 200th Year of American Liberty 270 Win. bolt act. rifle, Ruger mod. 96 22 L.R. semi-auto rifle, Iver Johnson 5-shot revolver, AP MBP 7.65 mm semi-auto handgun w/ extra clip & holster, Makarov C282 9mm semi-auto handgun w/ extra clip & holster, Mauser Red 9 9mm Parabellum semi-auto handgun (non-working safety), Allen & Thurber Worcester, MA. 31 cal. 6-shot engraved percussion pepperbox handgun pat'd. 1846, W.W. Marston New York pat'd. 1854 single shot percussion pistol, Great Western II 357 Mag revolver w/ white bone grips #E12032, Remington Wingmaster mod. 870 12 ga. 2 3/4" pump shotgun w/ skeet barrel & ventilated rib, flare gun in carry case…..MILITARY COLLECTIBLES: Nazi SS Model 1933 dagger w/ scabbard by Carl Eickhorn #941/36, German WWII Luftwaffe Officer’s Field cap w/ silver piping & Eagle, German WWII M40 helmet w/ camo paint, U.S. Navy early leather flight helmet & chin cup, US WWI Rock Island Arsenal 1918 uncut bayonet, WWII Briddell “Bolo” knife w/ dated scabbard (1942), Nazi German small double-sided pennant (used in street rallies), German Nazi R.A.D. pin, German Nazi Breast Eagle cut from soldier’s field tunic, German Luftwaffe Driver Rating patch, German WWII political buckle w/ cutdown belt & unissued shoulder strap, German WWII “My Service” soldier photo album, German WWII Eagle Proofed 8 mm ammo in box, German WWI vet helmet pin & flag pin, German WWII wound badge, German 1938 Sudetenland Occupation medal & ribbon, German 1934 party rally pin, German WWI vet medal & ribbon, German 1939 Iron Cross clasp pin medal in presentation case, German Hitler Youth Proficiency Award, German Luftwaffe pin, German late war pair of unissued shoulder boards, WWII Army Air Corps sterling crew wings, assorted US military medals, 11th Airborne 5th Air Force yearbook, WWII framed Navy discharge, 1888 Women’s Relief Corp. medal, WWII Army pick w/ pouch, WWII soldier’s personal photo album, 1904 Civil War Blue & Gray joint reunion ribbon & badge, Marine visor, WWI Navy Vet service record, 1918 mess kit w/ utensils, WWI 40/8 & American Legion badge, U.S. Navy & US Army cap, 1944 Navy Photographer’s patch, German WWII Eagles, U.S. Army canvas leggings (1943), WWII US belt w/ US pouch, U.S. Navy ship patches, Korean War medals set, Winchester “Wells Fargo” box, rare A.H. Fox Gun Co. toy shotgun, old brass powder flask w/ original shoulder cord, box of sealed Winchester 45 Auto ammo, many Gun Digest & gun related books…1936 – 1937 – 1939 – 1941 – 1942 – 1943 – 1945 – 1946 – 1949 – 1950 – 1951 – 1952 – 1957 – 1958 – 1959 – 1974 - & 1975 PA. Fishing badges

            Beau. (68) pcs. of Processional sterling silverware in chest, Griswold #20 cast-iron iron skillet w/ hairline in handle, Griswold #12 Dutch oven w/ lid, Griswold #10 & #7 Dutch ovens w/ lids, Griswold ashtray skillet, vintage children’s books, John Paul Strain signed prints R. Atkinson Fox “Rocky Waterway” framed print, old Valentine’s cards, Bellefonte, PA. paperwork, Wyandotte Easter wagon, Lutton Ambulance Service thermometer Beaver Falls, PA., Disney thermos & 1967 Dick Tracy thermos, Buck Rogers Strato-Kite advertisement, Valvoline Outboard Oil tin, Pennzoil Outboard Oil bottle, Hagg’s Tyrone, PA. quart milk bottle, very old pedal car, PSU Freshman beanie, framed photos of Old Main - Mount Nittany - PSU Main Gate - Nittany Lion Inn - & PSC College, University Creamery 5-gal. cream can, Invicta Special Edition toolbox wristwatch in box, Travel Pro 3-wheel electric mobility cart…..VINTAGE TOYS: Cor-Cor early pressed steel bus, Buddy-L large vintage hydraulic dump truck w/ original paint, vintage Buddy-L City Dray flatbed truck w/ orig. paint, antique cast-iron school bus w/ red paint, vintage cast-iron airplane w/ original red paint marked UX 99, cast-iron tractor w/ 2-bottom plow, vintage Champion cast-iron Police Man motorcycle w/ original wheels & paint, (2) cast-iron tractors w/original paint, vintage Tonka Car Carrier w/ ramps & (2) early Corvettes, 1965 Ford Mustang die-cast red convertible, cast-iron Ford model car w/original orange paint, Hallmark 1956 Kidillac in box, Hallmark 1948 Murray in box, (4) small Hallmark cars in boxes, Arcade cast-iron 4-door sedan w/ driver, Champion No. 5 tin litho friction racer Limited-Edition in orig. box, rare version Marx Flying Fortress airplane w/ motor, Nosco Ace Indy racer, Marx tin litho Airport bus, Gabriel Sky Skipper twin engine airplane in orig. box, Marx tin litho wind-up Bump & Go dog, Motorcycle Cop by Bandai Japan, Tootsie Toy airplane, Barclay red car, Chein windup toy soldier, Marx B-14 frame, Marx Pluto wind up, Kenton Toys vintage cast-iron firetruck w/ original red paint & wheels (made in USA), Kenton toys vintage cast-iron firetruck w/ original red paint, Volkswagen Beetle in box, cast-iron bus w/ original red paint, 1947 Cadillac Series 62 die-cast convertible car, cast-iron horse-drawn Circus wagon, small old cast-iron fire pumper, vintage pressed steel stake body truck w/ original paint, small cast-iron sedan w/ original blue paint, vintage pressed steel Ice Truck w/ original paint & wheels, vintage Girard swivel stake body truck, Buddy-L 4242 steel dump truck w/ original box, Ertl Farmall H tractor & wagon set, Schuco Old Timer 1913 Mercer car in original box, Hubley Car Transport w/ original paint & Hubley car, pressed steel dump truck w/ wooden wheels & paint, vintage Girard wind-up pressed steel sedan w/ original paint & headlights, early pressed steel dump truck w/ original orange paint, old Arcade cast-iron dump truck w/ original paint, (2) Hubley cast-iron racecars w/ drivers, cast-iron car w/ original paint & red dump truck, vintage cast-iron Gasoline Truck w/ green paint, cast-iron car w/ rumble seat & red paint, cast-iron car w/ original blue paint, Arcade cast-iron #219 red & green dump truck, Arcade cast-iron sedan w/ original black paint, Arcade cast-iron model T Ford w/ original red paint, Arcade model T Ford w/ original black paint, vintage scale model Cadillac w/ original paint, vintage red Equipment Truck w/ metal cart #4, pressed steel red truck w/ bucket loader…TRAINS: Lionel GG 1#2360, (5) Lionel #2541 - #2542 - #2543 - #2543 - #2544 aluminum passenger cars, Lionel #263E steam loco & 263W tender, Lionel #2191W Freight Set in original boxes, Lionel Burlington diesel train set, American Flyer 5-pc. standard gauge engine w/ tender & (3) Eagle passenger cars, American Flyer #4021 standard gauge caboose, MTH standard gauge Hellgate Bridge, “The Old Smokey” express train in orig. box, 1992 & 1995 Hess trucks, Winross 1972 Voortman “Cookies” truck & Louisville Truck Show trucks in boxes, Siku Soda truck in box, Dinky Corvette in box…..STAMPS: (8) Albums of assorted stamps from the 1870s through the 1940s including stamps from USA – Bavaria – France – Germany - 1950s West Germany – Russia – Ukraine - The Third Reich - Soviet Occupied Germany - 1908 George Washington 1¢ - Ben Franklin - William McKinley - Teddy Roosevelt - Germany 1923 Inflation – Caribbean - & many others…Reader’s Digest First Day Cover Collection in binder, large collection of modern stamps from foreign countries including Africa – India - South America - Central America – Philippines – Caribbean – Europe - Middle East – Canada - United States – Australia – Turkey - United Kingdom - & Japan, Binder w/ First Issue Covers & Envelopes including 1st Trip of Queen Mary (1936) – 1951 Capex First Day Cover - Airmail Royal Visit to Canada (1951) - 1952 Airmail Canada to Aruba envelopes - 1953 First Day of Issue Queen Elizabeth II covers - 1953 Canada’s Wildlife covers - & others…No Internet, absentee, or phone bids will be accepted - no buyers' premiums.  Terms: Cash or Check only by conclusion of auction.  Food & Restrooms Available day of auction - tents if needed. Auctioneers: Ron J. & Ron S. Gilligan & David C. Zentner, #AU339-L & #AU3430-L & #AU5442-L.



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