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(29) Good Old Winchesters – US Springfield M1 Garand Sniper – Spencer mod. 1865

Colt Series 70 Gold Cup National Match - Colt Double Barrel Shotgun - 22 Caliber Ammo

Good Old Ammo in Original Boxes - Old Lever Action BB Guns and Pistols

Tonka Army Trucks - Vintage Toys - Winchester Collectibles - Die-Cast Tractors

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Ron J. & Ron S. Gilligan & David C. Zentner will conduct a Public Auction located at the Baileyville Grange Hall 210 Deibler Rd. Pennsylvania Furnace, PA. 16865.  From State College, take Rt. 45 West to Pine Grove Mills & continue 5.5 miles & turn right onto Deibler Rd. to auction on left.  For sale will be the following...

            Winchester mod. 1866 Yellow Boy 44 Henry Rim Fire lever act. #76010, Winchester mod. 1886 40-82 cal. lever act. long rifle w/ octagon barrel #42524, Winchester mod. 1876 45-60 cal. lever act. long rifle w/ octagon barrel (1884) #49787, Winchester mod. 1895 38-72 W.C.F. lever act. w/ octagon barrel (1904) #45443, Winchester mod. 43 218 Bee Deluxe bolt act. #17820, Winchester mod. 1885 High Wall 32 W.C.F. lever act. long rifle w/ octagon No. 4 barrel & tang , Winchester mod. 1873 38 W.C.F. lever act. long rifle w/ octagon barrel #685466, Winchester mod. 1892 38 W.C.F. lever act. long rifle w/ octagon barrel (1896) #128687, Winchester mod. 1894 38-55 cal. lever act. long rifle w/ octagon barrel (1901) #218181, Winchester U.S.N. mod. 1895 Long Pull Lee Rifle 6 mm bolt act. military rifle #19620, Winchester mod. 55 32 W.S. Nickel Steel lever act. #6432, US Springfield Armory model M1D Garand (Sniper) 30-06 cal. semi-auto military rifle w/ leather comb & M84 Telescope #3703177, Spencer mod. 1865 52 cal. carbine rifle #17129, Winchester mod. 1912 Nickel Steel 20 ga. full choke pump shotgun #181175, Winchester Big Bore mod. 94 XTR Bald Eagle Commemorative 375 Win. lever act. w/ orig. box #613, Winchester mod. 88 243 Win. lever act. w/ Basketweave & hang tag #246329, Winchester pre-64 mod. 94 32 Win. Spl. lever act. carbine rifle #2257811, Winchester mod. 1910 S.L. 401 cal. semi-auto rifle w/ clip, Winchester mod. 121 22 cal. bolt act. rifle w/ Weaver B4 scope #Z212690, Winchester mod. 37 Steel Bilt 20 ga. full choke single shot shotgun, Winchester mod. 1892 Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette & Pat Buttram Honoring the Singing Cowboy and His Favorite Sidekicks 45 Colt lever act. carbine w/ saddle ring in case #154 of 300, Winchester mod. 67A 22 cal. bolt act. boys' rifle, Winchester mod. 94 Buffalo Bill Commemorative 30-30 cal. lever act. carbine in orig. box #WC82814, Winchester mod. 1300 Turkey 12 ga. 2 3/4" & 3" pump shotgun w/ Winchoke & hang tag #L2090350, Winchester Thumb Trigger Model 22 Short and Long bolt act. single shot rifle, Winchester mod. 72A 22 cal. bolt act. target rifle w/ Weaver B4 scope, Winchester mod. 94 Cherokee Commemorative Trail of Tears 1839 30-30 Win. lever act. carbine w/ saddle ring #CK05189, Winchester mod. 58 22 Short bolt act. single shot rifle, Winchester mod. 94 Wells Fargo & Co. Commemorative 30-30 Win. lever act. saddle ring carbine in w/ box #WFC19751, Winchester mod. 52B 22 Long Rifle bolt act. target rifle w/ peep sight #68400, Winchester mod. 68 22 cal. bolt act. target rifle w/ vintage 5x scope & Winchester mounts, Henry mod. H004GE Golden Eagle 22 S-L-LR lever act. w/ orig. box #GE000103, Colt Model MK IV Series 70 Gold Cup National Match 45 Auto semi-auto handgun w/ original box #70N02337, Colt mod. 1911 US Army 45 ACP semi-auto handgun w/ holster #373994, Colt's Pt. F A Mfg. Co. mod. 1878 12 ga. double hammer double barrel shotgun w/ Damascus barrels & checkered stock & forearm, Thompson Auto-Ordnance Armed Forces Commemorative Society Marine Corps. Tribute 45 ACP semi-auto rifle w/ orig. paperwork & carry case KM3524 #44 of 300, US Remington mod. 1903 30-06 cal. bolt act. military rifle #3328586, US Springfield Armory Model 1898 30-40 Krag bolt act. military long rifle #115501, Belgian Flobert Parlor Deluxe 22 Short single shot rifle w/ octagon barrel & engraving & checkering #4519, Ruger M77 Mark II 257 Roberts bolt act. w/ Silver Antler 3 x 9 scope #787-34488, sight (1889) #37193, J. Stevens Stevens Favorite 32 Long lever act. w/ octagon & round barrel, J. Stevens Co. pat'd. 1864 Hunter's Pet Pocket Rifle 38 cal. rifle w/ octagon barrel & stock, Remington mod. 700 30-06 Sprg. bolt act. w/ scope #333034, Remington Arms Mark III 10 ga. flare gun, Smith & Wesson Double Action Third Model Top Break 32 S & W cal. Mfg. approx. 1883 revolver #26585, Smith & Wesson mod. 27-2 357 Magnum revolver w/ 8 13/8" barrel w/ original box #N693914, Smith & Wesson mod. K-22 Masterpiece 22 Long Rifle cal. target revolver w/ box #101693, Stevens mod. 70 Visible Loading 22 S-L-LR pump rifle #862, U.S. Arms Co. No. 32 25 cal. revolver w/ octagon barrel #16313, Glock mod. 42 380 Auto semi-auto handgun in case w/ (2) clips #ABLD410, Mauser 98 7 x 57 Mauser bolt act. rifle w/ Bushnell Sportview 3 - 9 scope , Ranger 22 LR bolt act. target rifle w/ peep sight, FMJ mod. D 45 cal. handgun #45 21530 , FIE Titan 25 cal. semi-auto handgun #289834, H & R Victor 32 S & W cal. revolver #22822…..AMMO: Winchester 405 Win., Winchester 401 Self Loading, Winchester 243 Win., Winchester 30-30 Win., Winchester 38-72 soft point, Winchester 25 Auto Colt, Winchester 257 Roberts, Winchester 38-55 Win., Winchester 257 Roberts Hollow Point bullets, Winchester 32 S & W, Winchester 38 Special, box Winchester Black Diamond 12 ga., Winchester Saskatchewan 38-55 Win., Western Super Match 38 Spcl. mid-dash range, box 45 cal. Ball M1911, box Pistol Ball 45 cal. M1911, Remington Arms 30 M2 cal. Armor Piercing, Ball 30 cal. M2, Winchester 30 Army (30-40 Krag) Super Speed w/ bear, 30 cal. Match Lake City, Winchester 30 cal. ANM2, vintage Union Metallic 7mm Smokeless for Remington & Mauser rifles, Army ammo box of 30 cal. linked ammo, 50 cal. rounds, vintage Winchester 410 ga. shells in boxes, box Winchester tracer shot shells, Winchester 20 ga., Remington 30-40 Krag and Winchester Smokeless, Winchester 20 ga. 2 ¾” rifled slugs, Winchester 32 S & W, Frankford Arsenal Caliber 30 M1909 Blanks, Canuck 25 Stevens Long, Western Xpert 22 Short & Long, 7 x 57 Mauser – 30-30 Wells Fargo…..22 Ammo incl: Winchester Super X - Winchester T22 - Winchester Staynless - Winchester Boy Scouts of America - Winchester Super Speed 22 short - Winchester Leader Staynless, Winchester Super Speed 22 LR – Winchester 22 LR Lesmok Precision 200 (sealed) – box Winchester 22 Blank cartridges Exra Loud, box Winchester Staynless primers No. 108, Winchester No. 2 ½ pat’d. 1878 primers in orig. tin…..old cartridges incl: 45-70, 40-70, 38-55, & others

            J.W. Fecker 9464 target scope, vintage brass 8x target scope, United States Marine Corps. sword marked GMS Solingen w/ scabbard, Remington 1917 bayonet w/ sheath, Winchester Repeating Arms Co. bayonet, Vietnam Era US Army helmet, USM6 bayonet for M1 carbine, Rexcraft US Army bugle, US trenching shovel, War Dept. pamphlets, 20 mm round 1944, 37-85 round, 40 mm round, 30-06 stripper clips, deck of Spotter Cards, US NRA Armed Forces framed collection of military cartridges, vintage Lyman 525 Olympic sight w/ extra aperture, full vintage Du Pont gun powder tin, solid brass canon, original 1926 Sears & Roebuck catalog, Reed’s Dairy Alexandria (painted) quart, Sealtest quart, Hoffman’s quart, Ka-Vee Belleville pint, Benson’s Dairy Huntingdon pint, Reed’s War Bond half pint (paint worn), Lombardi – Dick Butkus - & Ridge Riley books, Fairbanks counter-top balance scale, balance scale on chestnut mortised box…..BB GUNS: Rare Daisy No. 104 double barrel BB gun w/ wooden stock & forearm, Daisy No. 195 Buzz Barton Special lever act. BB gun w/ wooden stock, Daisy mod. 11 Winchester .177 cal. 16-shot semi-auto BB pistol w/ orig. box, Marksman Repeater BB handgun, vintage Crosman pellet gun, Mattel Colt 6-shooter rifle 1958 in orig. box, Newell Air Fire Sub-Machine Gun ping pong rifle, Benjamin Franklin mod. 1932 BB handgun, Crosman “150” 22 cal. pellet gun in orig. box, Daisy No. 111 Model 40 Red Ryder carbine lever act. BB rifle, King Manufacturing Co. mod. 5533 1,000 shot lever act. BB gun, Daisy No. 50 Golden Eagle 1936 lever act. BB gun, Daisy mod. 179 Peacemaker BB revolver, Daisy model 1894 In Recognition of the 1894 Carbine 4.5 mm lever act. in orig. box, Daisy pat’d. 1917 No. 8 metal squirt gun…..BBs: Daisy Special 500 Targeteer BBs, Daisy Targeteer 118 cal. in paper canister, (2) Daisy Targeteer Tiny BBs, Federal Cartridge Corp. XL BBs, Winchester Air Rifle shot BBs, Crosman SuperPells 22 cal. metal canister, National 22 cal. air rifle pellets metal canister, Daisy Bullseye air rifle shot, Winchester Western BB shot, 1952 GMC Dry Goods van adv. Daisy BB Guns w/ orig. box, “A Christmas Story” Ralphie bobblehead, Red Ryder Cowboy Carbine Daisy air rifle sign…..WINCHESTER: Winchester Repeating Arms metal cartridge adv. sign, Winchester Bird Busters III poster, Winchester adv. “Wanted! A Man With a Winchester” featuring grizzly bear & hunting dogs, Winchester 2006 & 2007 Ltd. Edition 3-knife sets in orig. box, lrg. Winchester 3-knife set in wooden box, 2005 Winchester Ltd. Edition 2-knife set in tin, Winchester Gun Oil tin, Winchester Gun Grease tin in orig. box, Winchester heart shaped lock w/ key, Winchester Western 22 store advertisement w/ groundhog, (3) Winchester belt buckles, Winchester Super X Rimfire 22s ammo display case, set of Winchester sealed playing cards, set of (4) Winchester Bird Busters coasters, brick of Winchester 22 LR in orig. tin, Winchester 231 powder can, Winchester Super Speed adv. truck, wooden Winchester delivery truck, Winchester 1894-1994 Centennial Special Edition 1960 Model B61 Mack tractor trailer in box, Winchester Western Limited Edition WWII Commemorative desk set…..TOYS: Tonka Army jeep w/ canopy, small Tonka Army jeep w/ canopy, Marx Lumar US Army searchlight trailer, Tonka US Army road grader, Tonka Army truck, (2) Hubley race cars, tin litho US Air Force airplane, Pacific Rescue tin litho helicopter, tin litho Japanese race car, Sun Rubber Co. Mickey Mouse Fire Dept. truck w/ Mickey and Donald Duck, Sun Rubber Co. Mickey’s tractor, miniature Arcade cast-iron tractor w/ driver, Ertl Studebaker truck honoring Marines, Allis-Chalmers die-cast to tractor in box, International McCormick farm wagon, Farmall 350 wide-front w/ orig. box, 1967 Chevy pickup w/ John Deere adv. in box, Forn 8N w/ Dearborn plow w/ box, Massey-Harris 44 tractor w/ box, Farmall 450 LP gas tractor w/ box, 1999 PA. FFA 70th Anniv. Edition John Deere Model 70 tractor w/ umbrella in orig. box, 1/6 scale die-cast Indian motorcycle in orig. box, Chrysler Motors military checkpoint bronze, Aeromatic Glider Gun in orig. box…..No Internet, absentee, or phone bids will be accepted - no buyers' premiums.  Terms: Cash or Check only by conclusion of auction.  Food & Restrooms Available day of auction - tents if needed. Auctioneers: Ron J. & Ron S. Gilligan & David C. Zentner, #AU339-L & #AU3430-L & #AU5442-L.                          

                                                                                                ALL ORAL INFO DAY OF AUCTION TAKES PRECEDENCE OVER ANY & ALL WRITTEN ADS


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