Friday, April 2, 2021 – 9 a.m. (Centre Co., PA.) www.rgilliganauctions.com

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Ron J. & Ron S. Gilligan & David C. Zentner will conduct a Public Estate Auction located at the Baileyville Grange Hall 210 Deibler Rd. Pennsylvania Furnace, PA. 16865.  From State College, take Rt. 45 West to Pine Grove Mills & continue 5.5 miles & turn right onto Deibler Rd. to auction on left.  For sale will be the following...

Inland Mfg. Co. General Motors 9-43 30 M1 carbine semi-auto rifle #4960225, US Springfield Armory M1 Garand 30-06 cal. semi-auto military rifle, Waffenfabrik Mauser 9mm broom handle semi-auto handgun w/ matching numbers #334501, Walther P38 9mm semi-auto handgun #138891, Ed. Kettner Coln, Suhl 16 ga. over 9.3 x 72 cal. 3-barrel drilling, Winchester XTR mod. 101 Pigeon Grade fancy engraved 12 ga. 2 3/4" over under shotgun in orig. case (made in Spain), Browning Gold Medallion A-bolt 30-06 bolt act. w/ Bausch & Lomb 3 x 9 scope, Remington mod. 700 SPS 25-06 cal. Rem. bolt act. w/ stainless steel barrel (NIB), J.G. Anschütz mod. 64 Silhouette 22 LR bolt act. rifle, Winchester mod. 94 pre-64 30 W.C.F. lever act. carbine #1399218, Winchester mod. 1890 22 Short pump rifle w/ octagon barrel #113522, Winchester mod. 1890 22 W.R.F. pump rifle w/ octagon barrel #540399, Winchester mod. 70 300 Win. Mag. bolt act. w/ synthetic stock, Winchester mod. 70 270 Win. synthetic bolt act. w/ Tasco 3 x 9 scope, Winchester mod. 75 22 LR bolt act. target rifle w/ Weaver A2.8 scope, Winchester mod. 94 30-30 Win. Theodore Roosevelt Commemorative w/ octagon barrel, Winchester mod. 94 30-30 Win. lever act. w/ 3x9 scope, Winchester mod. 94 30-30 cal. lever act. w/ Tasco scope, Winchester 22 Short pump rifle w/ octagon barrel #184736, Winchester mod. 12 20 ga. full choke pump shotgun, Winchester mod. 12 16 ga. 2 3/4" full choke pump shotgun, Winchester mod. 69 22 cal. bolt act. rifle, Winchester mod. 69 22 cal. bolt act. rifle w/ clip, Winchester mod. 69A 22 LR bolt act. rifle w/ Redfield 4x scope, Remington mod. 700 30-06 Sprg. bolt act. w/ Nikon Pro Staff 4 1/2 x 18 scope, Remington mod. 700 270 Win. w/ Bushnell 3 x 9 scope, Remington mod. 700 243 Win. bolt act. w/ Lyman All American 4x scope, Remington mod. 760 BDL Gamemaster 30-06 Sprg. pump rifle, Savage mod. 24J-DL 22 Win. Mag. cal. over 20 ga. w/ scope, Savage mod. 24V 222 Rem. over 20 ga. 3", Savage mod. 1899 300 Sav. lever act. w/ Marbles peep sight, Savage mod. 1899 30-30 cal. lever act. w/ Williams peep sight, Savage mod. 99 300 Sav. lever act. rifle w/ Marble's peep sight w/ engraved receiver, Savage mod. 99 300 Sav. lever act. w/ scope, Savage mod. 110 30-06 Sprg. bolt act. w/ BSA 3 x 12 x 50 scope, Savage mod. 110D Series H 264 Win. Mag. bolt act. w/ Leupold Vari-X II 3x9 scope, Savage Arms Fox mod. B 16 ga. double barrel shotgun, Savage mod. 110 270 Win. bolt act. w/ wooden stock & Tasco 3 x 9 scope, US Remington mod. 03-A3 30-06 sporterized blot act. rifle, U.S. Springfield mod. 1873 percussion military rifle, US Springfield mod. 1884 45-70 Gov't. trap door military rifle, AH Fox Sterlingworth 12 ga. double barrel shotgun, AH Fox Sterlingworth 12 ga. double barrel shotgun (chip on forearm), long percussion musket w/ barrel dated 1834 w/ lock stamped FW Saarn, Colt Single Action Buntline Scout 22 Magnum revolver w/ long barrel #113227F, Colt Targetsman 22 cal. semi-auto handgun #136866C, Colt Police Positive 38 Spl. revolver #248332, Colt Police Positive 32 Colt revolver #124106, Colt Police Positive 38 Spl. revolver #04124R, Smith & Wesson Chiefs Special mod. CS9 9mm Para semi-auto handgun in orig. box #EKY1235, P. Beretta mod. A 302 12 ga. semi-auto shotgun w/ 28" barrel & ventilated rib, Browning Light Twelve 12 ga. semi-auto shotgun (made in Belgium) w/ Lyman Cutts Compensator, C. Sharp's pat'd. 1859 4-barrel pepperbox, Allen & Wheelock pat'd. 1845 6-barrel pepper box w/ engraving, SKS 7.62 x 39 semi-auto rifle w/ bayonet, Norinco SKS 7.62 x 30 semi-auto rifle w/ bayonet, Ruger American 270 Win. bolt act. rifle w/ snakeskin camo (NIB), J. Stevens Arms Visible Loading Repeater 22 cal. pump rifle, J. Stevens Arms Visible Loading Repeater 22 cal. pump rifle, Ithaca mod. 37 Featherlight 12 ga. 2 3/4" full choke pump shotgun, early Whitneyville Armory revolver w/ octagon barrel & brass frame #4272, Ruger Single Six 22 cal. revolver in orig. box #342658, W. Richards 12 ga. double barrel double hammer shotgun, Marlin mod. 60 SB stainless steel/wood 22 LR only semi-auto rifle w/ scope, small percussion youth musket, CVA Optima Magnum 50-cal. synthetic camo inline muzzleloader, Thompson Center Arms 50 cal. flintlock rifle w/ octagon barrel w/ wood stock & brass patch box, pair of House of Butler Baron & Baroness 22 Short dueling pistols in presentation case & orig. box B030869 & B030870, Taurus PT-22 22 LR semi-auto handgun in box #AC72995, LeParisien fancy folding trigger heavily engraved pin fire revolver, Taurus 357 Magnum stainless steel revolver #LA570990, Heritage Rough Rider 22 LR revolver w/ extra 22 Mag. cylinder in orig. box, British Enfield 303 British bolt act. military rifle w/ scope, British Enfield 303 British sporterized bolt act. w/ Simmons 3 x 9 scope, BSA 1918 303 British bolt act. military rifle, Japanese Arisaka 7.7 mm bolt act. military rifle , Mauser Chileno Modelo 1895 Loewe Berlin bolt act. carbine military rifle, Carl Gustafs Stads mod. 96 1909 6.5 x 55 bolt act. military rifle, Marlin mod. 80 22 cal. bolt act. rifle, T. Barker double barrel double hammer engraved 12 ga shotgun , sporterized Mauser action bolt act. rifle w/ scope, Torre Annunziata 1877 bolt act. military long rifle, Colombia Fuerzas Militares Belgian action bolt act. military rifle, WH Davenport 12 ga. single shot shotgun w/ checkered stock & forearm, Mossberg mod. 500AG 12 ga. pump shotgun w/ C-Lect-choke & ventilated rib, Jukar 45 cal. flintlock rifle w/ full wooden stock & octagon barrel, Torino 1880 bolt act. military rifle, Jukar black powder flintlock Derringer Phila., H & R top break 32 S&W revolver #304273, Hopkins & Allen Dictator pat'd. 1879 32 cal. revolver, vintage Smoker #1 7-shot 22 cal. revolver, Iver Johnson mod. 1900 double action 22 cal. revolver w/ octagon barrel , Young America double action 32 S&W revolver, Red Jacket No. 3 32 cal. revolver , U.S. Navy Signal Pistol Mark 5 1942…..AMMO: 9mm Luger, 380 Auto, 6.5 x 55mm, 30-40 Krag, 30-06, 300 Sav., 12 ga., 16 ga., 20 ga., 357 Mag., 7mm Rem. Mag., 7mm Mauser, Remington “Rocket” 22 Short, 30 carbine, 338 Win., 22 cal., 38 Spl., 300 W.S.M., old bayonet marked P.V. 1444…..KNIVES: Case XX Bowie knife in orig. box, Case XX Copperhead Special, Schrade Uncle Henry Golden Spike hunting knife, lrg. Schrade Uncle Henry hunting knife, Camillus Cutlery Co. bone handled knife, Case XX seaman’s knife, Ka-Bar hunting knife, Winchester hunting knife, Gerber hunting knife, Damascus steel knives, bone handled knives, Ridge Runner hunting knife, Fox-n-Hound hunting knife, Solingen Germany hunting knife, Western hunting knife, old ornate bone handled knife in scabbard w/ blade marked Weidmannsheil Wilhelmshaven 1932, Western 49 bowie knife in sheath, old bone handled Bowie knife in old sheath, US Marine V-44 Raider Bowie knife in box, Browning hunting knife in box, Buck hunting knives…(5) 30-rd. 7.62 x 39mm banana clips, 30 M-1 carbine 2-magazine pouch (1945)…Weaver K-4W scope, Simmons 3 x 9 scope in box, Leupold Sportsmans compass in orig. box, compact binoculars, (2) Lynch Fool Proof mod. 101 box turkey calls (1 AL. & 1-MS.), Night Scope in box, Bushnell 7 x 35 binoculars, Marx Lumar US Army troop transport truck…

            German Nazi dagger w/ blade marked Alcoso in scabbard, WWII German dagger marked Ges. Geschützt in scabbard, German dagger marked Solingen 1939 w/ War Eagle, German dagger marked Eickhorn Solingen in scabbard, German dagger w/ blade stamped “Alles fúr Deutschland” and Carl Grah Solingen-Ohligs in scabbard, German dagger marked Paul Sfilheimer Solingen in scabbard, WWII German helmet w/ SS and Swastika decals, Nazi arm bands, large 45” x 72” Nazi flag, 30” x 54” Nazi flag w/ Swastika & Iron Cross, (2) German metal Iron Crosses, (3) German belt buckles w/ Swastikas, German sword w/ lion’s head & swastika in scabbard, (2) US Remington 1917 bayonets in scabbards, WWI US Army helmet, military leather 3-magazine pouch, Indian war club w/ leather over wood handle, old US 48-star flag, Solingen, Germany bayonet in scabbard, Knights Templar sword w/ belt, sword marked Confederate States of America North Carolina 1861 Fayetteville Armory…..COINS: 1912 $10 Indian Head gold coin Slabbed & Graded MS-61, 1851 $5 Liberty Head gold coin, 1908 $5 Liberty Head gold coin, 1913 $2.50 Indian Head gold coin, 1909 $2.50 Indian Head gold coin, gold tooth, 1879 - 1881 O – 1889 – 1896 - (4) 1921 – (3) 1921 S – (2) 1921 D Morgan silver dollars, (2) 1923 Peace silver dollars, 2001 – 2002 - (3) 2005 – 2018 American Eagle silver dollars, Walking Liberty silver halves, Washington silver quarters, Harrisburg Railways token, (11) sterling silver proof medals w/ Lindberg – Martin Luther King – Wright Bros – etc., Franklin Mint 1 oz. silver bar, 2002 gold plated American Eagle silver dollar, Norman Rockwell’s Sterling Silver Tribute to Robert Frost w/ (12) solid sterling silver coins in presentation frame…..Aviation Art by James Dietz “Mud In Your Eye” matted & framed print #135/650 & WWI airplane & pilots framed print #333/1000, Miller Zyla “Independence Street Crossing 1949 Reading RR” signed & framed print #466/950, antique Victorian girl print in old frame…..Auctioneer’s Note: You are required to bring and wear a mask in order to get a bidder’s number.  All Auction Attendees Will Be Required To Follow all CDC Guidelines and PA. Department of Health Guidelines for Social Distancing.  You will also need to bring your own chair.  No Internet, absentee, or phone bids will be accepted - no buyers' premiums.  Terms: Cash or Check only by conclusion of auction.  Food & Restrooms Available day of auction - tents if needed. Auctioneers: Ron J. & Ron S. Gilligan & David C. Zentner, #AU339-L & #AU3430-L & #AU5442-L.                                                                                                                                                                                      ALL ORAL INFO DAY OF AUCTION TAKES PRECEDENCE OVER ANY & ALL WRITTEN ADS


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