Sunday, March 15, 2020 - 9:30 AM  www.rgilliganauctions.com

(400) Lots of Pre-War, Post-War, & Modern Trains - Many Lionel Steam Engines & Tenders

Lionel Reading 2100 T-1 4-8-4 Steam Loco w/ Display in Original Box - Lionel AA Diesel Sets

Lionel Pre-War Standard Gauge Steam Freight Set w/ No. 400E Engine & 400T 12-Wheel Tender

Joshua Lionel Cowen Commemorative Hudson Set In Boxes - Lionel Switchers – Lionel Sets

Lionel Prewar Standard Gauge Steam & Electric Locomotives – LGB Trains – Marx Train Sets

Lionel Prewar Standard Gauge Rolling Stock - Lionel 6464 Box Cars - Lionel Accessories

Lionel The Hiawatha Streamliner passenger set (NIB) - Lionel Transformers - American Flyer

Vintage Metal Toys – Vintage Battery Operated Toys in Original Boxes – Lionel Rolling Stock

To Print Lot List Click: 3-15-20 Train Lots.pdf

Ron J. & Ron S. Gilligan & David C. Zentner will conduct a Public Auction located at the Baileyville Grange Hall 210 Deibler Rd. Pennsylvania Furnace, PA. 16865.  From State College, take Rt. 45 West to Pine Grove Mills & continue 5.5 miles & turn right onto Deibler Rd. to auction on left.  For sale will be the following...

            Lionel Reading 2100 T-1 4-8-4 steam loco w/ tender in orig. box w/ unusual plastic display board in original box (all in original shipping boxes w/ paperwork) 6-18006, Lionel pre-war standard gauge No. 400E engine w/ 400T 12-wheel tender & 216 hopper - 218 automatic dump car - 219 20-ton crane - 217 caboose, Lionel pre-war standard gauge 220 searchlight car in original box, Lionel 318 O-gauge electric engine w/ 310 baggage car - (2) 309 Pullman passenger cars, Lionel #8 standard gauge maroon electric engine, Lionel No. 10 standard gauge pre-war electric engine w/ 332 baggage - 339 Pullman - & 341 Observation car, Lionel pre-war standard gauge No. 384 green stripe engine w/ tender & 513 cattle car - 512 gondola - flat car w/ lumber - 517 caboose, Lionel 384E standard gauge steam loco w/ tender & red 337 Pullman & 338 Observation cars, Lionel Outfit No. 1469WS freight set w/ #2035 loco in original boxes & set box, Lionel Southern Pacific F3 AA 8260 & 8262 AA diesel set, Lionel Pennsylvania 8953 F3A Dual Motor AA diesel set in box 6-8952, Joshua Lionel Cowen Commemorative 4-6-4 Hudson steam loco w/ tender & (5) box cars - & bay window caboose in orig. boxes, Lionel 8002 Union Pacific 2-8-4 Berkshire steam loco freight set in orig. boxes 6-8002, Lionel 8366 Canadian Pacific Service Station F-3 Special AA diesel train set in orig. box, Lionel 1988 Limited Edition The Hiawatha Streamliner passenger set (NIB), Lionel 2368 Illinois Central AB diesel set, Lionel 238E  Pennsylvania Torpedo engine w/ tender & 602 baggage car - 600 Pullman - 601 observation car all in orig. boxes, Lionel 8950 The Virginian Fairbanks Morse diesel engine in box, Lionel Santa Fe 2099 RS-3 diesel engine (NIB) 6-28832, Lionel Mint Car Series Pennsylvania GG-1 diesel electric (NIB) 6-18300, Lionel Milwaukee Road GP-9 diesel (NIB) 6-18500, Lionel 4-6-4 Blue Comet steam loco w/ (5) passenger cars in orig. boxes 6-8801, Lionel Blue Comet dining car in box 6-19000, Lionel 736 Berkshire steam loco w/ 2046 tender, Lionel 671 Pennsylvania Turbine 6-8-6 steam loco w/ 671W tender, Lionel Burlington Northern Limited train set in original box (inside box is factory sealed), Lionel 2350 New Haven ET5 diesel electric engine in orig. box, Lionel 2321 Lackawanna FM diesel engine w/ orig. box & insert, Lionel 2330 Pennsylvania double motor GG-1 in orig. box, Lionel 75th Anniversary Commemorative Set in original box 6-1585 w/ U36B diesel, Lionel 752E Streamliner set w/ (2) 753 - & 754 passenger cars, Lionel 2056 4-6-4 steam loco w/ 2046W tender, Lionel 2020 steam loco w/ 2020W tender, Lionel 8501 Western Maryland MW-2 diesel switcher in box 6-18501, Lionel 1292 Union Pacific RS3 diesel engine, Lionel 1668 steam loco w/ tender & 1630 & 1631 Pullman observation cars, MTH 8265 Conrail diesel engine, Lionel 8808 Atlantic Coastline SD-18 diesel engine (NIB) 6-18808, Lionel 685 steam loco w/ 243W tender, Lionel 222 Rio Grande diesel engine, Lionel 8804 SOO Line diesel engine, Lionel 646 steam loco w/ 2046W tender, Lionel 41 US Army diesel switcher in orig. box, Lionel 2348 Minneapolis & St. Louis diesel engine, Lionel Virginian FM diesel engine in box 6-8950, Lionel Seaboard Railroad 6250 diesel switcher, Lionel 1055 Taxes Special diesel engine, Ives 192 standard gauge box car, Lionel Rock Island 4-pack Aluminum car set in orig. boxes & set box 6-39141, Ives 185 standard gauge NYC & HR parlor car, Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer Passenger Car Expansion Pack in box 6-30004, nice American Flyer pre-war freight set, Marx 4355 freight train set in orig. box, American Flyer 561 pre-war steam freight set, Marx 9500 Southern Pacific diesel train set in orig. box, Marx Southern Pacific 6000 diesel type train set in orig. box, Marx Stream Line Commodore Vanderbilt steam freight set in box, Marx No. 8994K steam freight set in orig. box, Williams No. 5200 PRR 6380 B6sb 0-6-0 Penn. engine & tender (NIB), Lehmann The Big Train made in W. Germany train set in box, LGB 3180 Denver South Park & Pacific passenger car in box, LGB 2033 Schoema diesel switcher, Aristo Craft Trains steam passenger set in box…..VINTAGE TOYS: Tee-Gee Metal Industries Little Stitcher sewing machine in orig. box, Structo yellow steam shovel, Structo green steam shovel, Charles Doepke Model Toys Barber Greene earth conveyor, Marx Cities Service tow truck, vintage tin litho cash register, Structo Western Auto tractor trailer, Made in Japan Showa battery operated antique car w/ headlight mystery action in orig. box, Charley Weaver Rosko battery operated Bartender in orig. box, made in Japan "Willy" The Walking Car battery operated remote control car in orig. box, battery operated Trotter in orig. box, Noel Decorations New York 1960 Deluxe Animated Battery and Coin Operated Santa Bank in orig. box, Japan Trademark Modern Toys battery Operated Telephone Bear in orig. box, Rosko Battery Operated Bartender in orig. box

            Lionel 53 Rio Grande snow plow in orig. box, Lionel 55 Tie-Jector car in orig. box, Lionel 60 trolley car in orig. box, Lionel 3927 track cleaning car in orig. box, Lionel No. 68 inspection car in orig. box, Lionel 6805 radioactive waste car, Lionel 3540 radar car in box, Lionel 45 automatic gateman in orig. box, Lionel 395 spotlight tower, Lionel Truss Bridge w/ Flasher & Piers in box 6-12772, Lionel 6464-425 New Haven box car in box, Lionel 397 remote control operating coal loader w/ orig. box & paperwork, Lionel 6464-450 Great Northern box car, Lionel 6464-725 New Haven box car, Lionel 6464-125 NYC box car w/ box, Lionel 6464-525 Minn. & St. Louis box car in box, Lionel 6464-275 State of Maine box car in orig. box, Lionel 3360 operating burro crane in orig. box, Lionel 3419 operating helicopter car in orig. box, Lionel 6460 operating work crane in orig. box, Lionel 6424 automobile flat car in orig. box, Lionel 641751 Lehigh Valley caboose, Lionel 6801 flat car w/ boat in orig. box, Lionel 6315 Chemical tank car w/ orig. box, Lionel 6437 Illuminated Cupola caboose in box, Lionel 16704 TV car, Lionel Chicago & Northwestern box car w/ blinking light in box 6-16617, Lionel 6814 Rescue Unit work caboose, Lionel 6468 Baltimore & Ohio automobile car in orig. box, Lionel 6457 caboose in orig. box, Lionel 6119 work caboose in orig. box, Lionel 6014 PRR Baby Ruth box car in orig. box, Lionel 3620 rotating searchlight in orig. box, Lionel Allis-Chalmers condenser car in box 6-16349, (2) Lionel TTGX Burlington Northern auto carriers w/ screens in boxes 6-16217, Lionel 6014-335 PRR Bosco box car in box, Lionel 3651 pre-war log dump car, Lionel 8264 Canadian Pacific Snow Plow in box 6-8264, Lionel PC flat car w/ steam shovel kit in box 6-9158, Lionel C & O flat car w/ construction crane kit in box 6-9157, Lionel crane assembly kit in box 6-12900, Lionel 145 automatic gateman in orig. box, Lionel 154 automatic road crossing signal in box, (2) Lionel No. 50 gang cars in orig. box, Lionel 93 water tank in orig. box, Lionel 3482 automatic refrigerated milk car w/ platform, Lionel 450 operating signal bridge in orig. box, Lionel 164 log loader, Lionel 415 diesel fueling station in orig. box, Lionel Southern Pacific T.T.U.X. Golden Pig Service flat car w/ trailers in box 6-1645, , Lionel Type VW 150 Watt transformer, Lionel Type KW transformer, Lionel 1033 transformer, Lionel Type 4090 transformer in orig. box 6-4090No Internet, absentee, or phone bids will be accepted - no buyers' premiums.  Terms: Cash or Check only by conclusion of auction.  Food & Restrooms Available day of auction. Auctioneers: Ron J. & Ron S. Gilligan & David C. Zentner, #AU339-L & #AU3430-L & #AU5442-L.



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