Saturday, February 24, 2024  – 9 a.m. (Centre Co., PA.) www.rgilliganauctions.com

(56) Guns – Ammunition - Fishing Related Items - Reloading Items

Cutco Knives - Griswold – Enamelware – Cast-Iron Collectibles - Milk Bottles

Ron J. & Ron S. Gilligan & David C. Zentner will conduct a Public Estate Auction located at the Baileyville Grange Hall 210 Deibler Rd. Pennsylvania Furnace, PA. 16865.  From State College, take Rt. 45 West to Pine Grove Mills & continue 5.5 miles & turn right onto Deibler Rd. to auction on left.

            Sako Forester 243 cal. w/ scope, Winchester mod. 1892 32 W.C.F. rifle, Winchester mod. 94AE 307 Win. w/ scope, Winchester mod. 70 Ranger 30-06 (new - no box), Winchester mod. 9422 XTR 22 cal. w/ scope, Winchester mod. 68 22 W.R.F. pump rifle, Winchester mod. 72 22 cal. rifle, Winchester mod. 120 20 ga. shotgun, Winchester mod. 70 300 Win. Mag. bolt act. rifle, Winchester mod. 70 257 Roberts synthetic w/ scope, Winchester US Enfield mod. 1917 30-06 bolt act. military rifle (stock cut), Remington mod. 700 BDL Custom 6 x 47 cal. w/ scope - Hart barrel - & Timney trigger, Remington mod. 700 BDL 30-06 carbine w/ scope, Remington mod. 760 30-06 rifle w/ scope, Remington No. 6 32 Rimfire rolling block pump rifle, Remington mod. 11 12 ga. shotgun, Remington mod. 41 22 cal. pump rifle w/ scope, Remington mod. 14 32 Rem. rifle, Remington mod. 870 Express Magnum 12 ga. shotgun, Remington mod. 572 22 cal. rifle w/ scope, Remington mod. 870 Wingmaster 12 ga. Special Field shotgun, Remington mod. 11-48 16 ga. shotgun, Remington mod. 1100 Magnum 12 ga. shotgun, Savage mod. 99 300 Sav. lever act. rifle w/ scope, Savage mod. 99C 308 cal. w/ scope, Marlin mod. 30A 30-30 lever act. w/ scope, Marlin mod. 336 35 Rem. rifle w/ scope, Marlin mod. 60SB 22 cal. rifle (NIB), Browning BSS 12 ga. double barrel shotgun, Browning BPS 12 ga. shotgun, Beretta mod. 390AL 12 ga. shotgun, Beretta mod. 391 12 ga. shotgun w/ extra barrel, Beretta mod. 303 20 ga. shotgun, Mossberg mod. 500 20 ga. camo pump shotgun, Mossberg No. 73A 410 ga. shotgun, Mossberg mod. 340 22 cal. rifle w/ scope, Stevens Marksman 32 Rimfire pump rifle, Stevens Favorite 25 Rim Fire pump rifle, Churchill Superposed 20 ga. shotgun, Simson Suhl, Germany 16 ga. double barrel shotgun, Cardone 6.5 Carcano bolt act. rifle, Ithaca mod. 72 22 cal. w/ scope, Ithaca SKB mod. 200E 12 ga. shotgun, Ithaca mod. 66 12 ga. shotgun, Springfield mod. 120 22 cal. rifle w/ scope, Stevens mod. 311 20 ga. scope, Sig Sauer mod. 5HR 970 270 Win. w/ 280 barrel (NIB), Rossi mod. 92 44 Magnum, DPMS AR-15 to 23 cal. semi-auto rifle w/ scope, black powder 75 cal. pistol, Pieta mod. 1851 44 cal. percussion revolver (NIB), J.C. Higgins mod. 50 30-06 F.N. Mauser w/ scope, CVA Plainsman 50 cal. percussion rifle w/ extra barrel, Turkish Mauser mod. 98 8 mm Mauser bolt act. military rifle w/ scope (1944), Thompson Center Arms 50 cal. flintlock rifle, H. Pieper 38-55 & 12 ga. double barrel.....AMMO: 32 Rem., 30-30, 9 mm Makarov, 30 Carbine, 307 Win., 7.62 x 54R, 32 Rimfire, 32-40, 38-55, 32-20, 45-70, 45 Colt, 12 ga., 410 ga., 30 Luger, 44-40, 284, 16 ga., 32 Auto, 30-06, 32 S & W, 38 S & W, 25-35, 218 BEE, 32 blanks, 375 Win., 35 Win., 356 Win., 250 Savage, 348 Win., 22-250, 30-40 Krag, 28 ga., 405 Win., 257 Roberts, 43 Spanish, 303 Savage, & 30 Rem., Small rifle primers.....Leupold – Redfield - & Weaver rifle scopes, Burris pistol scope, Lynch’s Alabama & Liberty, Mississippi box turkey calls, Herter’s box turkey call, other turkey calls, Beretta shotgun chokes & parts, DuPont powder flask, Bear Super Grizzly recurve bow, Crosman M1 carbine BB rifle...South Bend bamboo fly rod, Loomis fly rod w/ reel & tube, Walker & Martin fly reels, Orvis fly reel, Scientific Angler fly rod & reel in case, heavy Fenwick rod, (2) fly rods w/ reels, Mitchell reel, large fishing lures, duckling lore, flies, hooks, sinkers, PA. Duck Stamp prints (1 Ned Smith), brass duck & brass goose, leather arrow quivers, deer scents & lures, Woolrich hunting pants, rifle & shotgun cases, Ruger 10/22 clip, Winchester mod. 88 & 22 clips, Weatherby – Arisaka - & Remington rifle stocks, RCBS Rock Chucker reloading press, 225 Win. dies, 300 Win. Short Mag. dies, old primer tins, Marble’s peep sight for mod. 94 Win. w/ box, Buck – Case - & Schrade pocket knives, military fuel cans, military goggles & emblems, metal ammo box, wooden ammo box, small trapper’s basket...

            Eagle Foundry Lebanon, PA. pat’d. 1867 cast-iron Bell, Cutco steak knife set, Cutco carving set, small Cutco meat Cleaver w/ sheath, other Cutco knives, Griswold #3 & #5 cast-iron skillets, cast-iron teakettle, Erie cast-iron ladle, Pe-Ro metal sign, Marhoefer metal sign, Fuller Tools metal sign, Schmit’s Beer lights, old electric fan, cast-iron parrot toothpick holder, cast-iron clown bank, cast-iron Zeppelin bank, 1924 car license plate, Harley-Davidson emblem, small fire ax, Marx stake body truck, Marx gravel dump truck, other vintage toys, Meadow Pride milk can, Meadow Pride pint milk bottle, Valley Farms – Aulworth - & Mill Hall quart milk bottles, Bellefonte creamer, milk bottle carrier, (2) Bellefonte Bakery sacks, egg basket, wooden tool carrier, old telephone, Derby hat, stereoscope viewer w/ cards, enameled coffee pots & pie pans, small cast-iron pot w/ swastika, aluminum potato shovel, wooden butter churn, wooden bucket printed “Jerky”, Barry carrier w/ boxes, built coin changer, old hay knife, salamander propane heater, chalkboard sign, watch fobs, badges, di-cast horses, cast-iron clock brackets, small brass level, old car lights, model T Ford headlights, (2) carbide cans, cast-iron “Keen Kutter” emblem, Keen Kutter hatchet, (2) cast-iron “Easy Way” plates, antique brass bilge pump, wooden bushel measure, cross cut saw, fro, wooden butter press, large slaw board, wooden washing machines, meat saw...No Internet, absentee, or phone bids will be accepted - no buyers' premiums.  Terms: Cash or Check only by conclusion of auction.  Food & Restrooms Available day of auction - tents if needed. Auctioneers: Ron J. & Ron S. Gilligan & David C. Zentner, #AU339-L & #AU3430-L & #AU5442-L.   ALL ORAL INFO DAY OF AUCTION TAKES PRECEDENCE OVER ANY & ALL WRITTEN ADS


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