Friday, October 2, 2020 – 9:30 a.m.  (Centre Co., PA.)


(82) Guns – Ammo – Reloading - Gun & Hunting Related Books

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Ron J. & Ron S. Gilligan & David C. Zentner will conduct a Public Estate Gun Auction located at the Baileyville Grange Hall 210 Deibler Rd. Pennsylvania Furnace, PA. 16865.  From State College, take Rt. 45 West to Pine Grove Mills & continue 5.5 miles & turn right onto Deibler Rd. to auction on left.  For sale will be the following...

            Winchester mod. 64 219 Zipper lever act. #1122531, Winchester mod. 1892 38 W.C.F. lever act. long rifle w/ octagon barrel #604487, Winchester mod. 1894 32 W.S. lever act. long rifle w/ octagon barrel #875346, Winchester mod. 43 22 Hornet w/ clip & vintage Weaver J4 scope, Winchester mod. 94 32 Win. Spl. lever act. long rifle w/ Bushnell 1-4x32 scope, Sako Riihimaki 254 34 JC Higgins Mod. 52 222 Rem. bolt act. w/ Leupold M8 7.5X scope, Hollenbeck Gun Co. fancy engraved 16 ga. over 25-25 Weaver cal. 3-barrel drilling w/ Damascus barrels #497, German 3-barrel drilling w/engraving & barrels marked Sömmelda D.R.P. 100914, Winchester Mod. 94 30 WCF Grade I Limited Edition - orig. box, Winchester Mod. 1894 66 Sentinel Commemorative - no box, Winchester Mod. 70 225 WIN #773294 w/ Bushnell 10X scope, Winchester mod. 54 nickel steel 30 WCF carbine bolt act., Winchester mod. 43 218 Bee bolt act. #37440 w/ Weaver K6 scope, Winchester Mod. 255 22 WIN mag rimfire lever act. with Weaver V-22-A scope, Winchester Mod. 59 12g 2 3/4" modified semi auto, Winchester Mod. 69A 22 bolt act. w/ Weaver J 2 1/2 scope, Winchester Mod. 320 22 bolt act. w/ V22 scope, Winchester Mod. 270 22 semi-auto w/ Revelation 6X scope, Kimber Sporterized Carl Gustads 6.5 x 55 syn. w/ Westernfield 4 x 22 scope, Marlin Mod. 336 SC 219 Zipper lever act. w/ Bushnell Scope Chief 4 power scope, Marlin Mod. 336A 30-30 WIN lever act. w/ Weaver scope, Marlin Mod. 60W 22 LR only semi auto w/ Safety Ethics Sportsman ship medallion in stock, Weatherby Vanguard 22-250 Rem. bolt act. w/ syn. stock, Weatherby Vanguard 300 WBY Mag. Bolt act. syn., Remington Mod. 673 6.5 MM Rem mag. Guide gun w/ box, Remington mod. 722 244 REM bolt act. w/ Weaver K4 scope, Remington Springfield 30 cal. 1906 rifle, Remington Express 30 REM bolt act. w/ Weaver K5 scope, Remington Mod. 14 32 REM pump, Remington Mod. 14 30 REM pump w/ Bushnell Sharp Shooter scope, Remington Mod. 722 222 REM Mag bolt act. w/ Lyman All American scope, Remington Mod. 700 222 REM mag bolt act. w/ Weaver K-10 scope, Remington Mod. 592M 5 MM REM mag. Only w/ Bushnell Banner 22 scope, Remington Fieldmaster Mod. 572 22 pump, Remington "The Sportsman" 12g 2 3/4" modified semi auto, Remington Mod. 597 22 LR  semi auto syn. w/ scope, Remington Mod. 700 221 Rem. Fireball bolt act. w/ box, Savage mod. 110E 270 WIN bolt act. w/ Swift Yukon 3 x 9 scope, Savage Mod. 110 22-250 REM bolt act. syn. w/ Weaver K-10 scope, Savage Mod. 111 7 MM REM Mag. Bolt act. syn. w/ Bushnell 3 x9 scope, Savage mod. 1920 250-3000 bolt act. w/ Weaver J4 scope SN 1441, Savage mod. 1920 300 SAV bolt act. w/ Weaver K-4 scope, Savage Super Sporter 30-06 SPRG. Bolt act. w/ Weaver Marksman 3x9 scope, Savage Super Sporter 300 SAV bolt act., Savage Super Sporter 300 SAV bolt act. w/ Westernfield 4x32 scope, Savage mod. 170 Series B 35 REM pump w/ Weaver J 2 1/2 scope, Savage Mod. 1899 303 SAV lever act., Savage Mod. 340 Series E 22 Hornet bolt act. w/ Clearfield 6 x 40 scope, Savage 24V Series B 30-30 over 20g, Savage 24 Series S 22 LR over 410 g, Savage Mod. 220B 20 g 2 3/4" hammerless single shot, Savage Mod. 220A 16 g hammerless single shot , Stevens Mod. 311D 20g DB 3" shotgun, Savage Mod. 23 Sporter 25-20 bolt act. w/ Westernfield 4 x 33 scope w/ clip, Savage Sporter 32-20 bolt act. w/ peep sight, Savage Mod. 219 30-30 single shot w/ scope, Savage Mod. 219 25-20 w/ 220 12g barrel, Ruger M77 II 257 Roberts bolt act. w/ Bushnell World-class 3 x 9, Ruger M77 220 Swift bolt act. w/ Weaver K-12-E scope, Ruger M77 II 7.62 x 39 syn. wood & stainless w/ Golden Antler Tasco 3 x 9 scope, Browning 1895 30-06 lever action rifle, Mossberg Mod. 500E 410g 2 1/2" & 3" pump, H&R US Mod. 1873 45-70 Gov’t. percussion rifle, H & R Mod. SB2 Ultra 280 REM single shot rifle w/ Simmons 3 x 9 scope w/ box -, Ithaca SKB Mod. XL900 20g 2 3/4" modified semi auto, Midland - Gibbs Rifle Co. West Virginia - Midland 308 WIN bolt act. , Springfield 30-06 w/ Redfield scope, BSA 7x57 MM made in England bolt act. rifle, High Standard Sport King pump mod. P1011 22 w/ Weaver D-4 scope, CZ 527 American 22 hornet bolt act. w/ box, Stoeger Condor 16 ga. 2 ¾” over/under shotgun, Kahn Arthemis 410 o/u 3" shotgun, Baikal 20g 3" o/u shotgun, Sarsilmaz Mod. 2802 28g o/u, Boito 12 g 2 3/4" double B shotgun, Gaucha - liga Uplander 28g 2 3/4" DB, J.C. Higgins Mod. 20 12 g pump 2 3/4", Sears Mod. 21 Ted Williams 20g 2 3/4" & 3" pump, Stevens Browning Mod. 620 20g pump, Russian Nagant handgun 30 cal. w/ leather holster, H & R Sportsman double act. 22 LR w/ holster (revolver), High Standard Sentinel 22 Revolver w/ holster……(2) Fire King horizontal fireproof 2-drawer cabinets for handguns...Plus ammo, reloading, and gun related items…Auctioneer’s Note: You are required to bring and wear a mask in order to get a bidder’s number.  All Auction Attendees Will Be Required To Follow all CDC Guidelines and PA. Department of Health Guidelines for Social Distancing.  You will also need to bring your own chair.  No Internet, absentee, or phone bids will be accepted - no buyers' premiums.  Terms: Cash or Check only by conclusion of auction.  Food & Restrooms Available day of auction - tents if needed. Auctioneers: Ron J. & Ron S. Gilligan & David C. Zentner, #AU339-L & #AU3430-L & #AU5442-L.



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